The Rockford airport has seen some decent expansion the past few years. Starting yesterday, it's going to get even bigger. 

WIFR -  New federal funding just announced will continue to allow more aircraft to use the airports increasing international cargo center. Officials say this expansion would also eventually lead to not only more jobs, but also more airlines looking to expand service into the Rockford market.

A lot of this is thanks to the house passed FY2018 Omnibus that was approved by the Illinois House back in March. It earmarked funds to be directed to improving Illinois' infrastructure. Not only will this improve the airport but it will reportedly bring in about another 1000 jobs.

As the suburbs farther and farther west, it only makes sense to make the Rockford airport a more appealing destination for travelers and cargo.

If you've ever flown out of Rockford you know how much more of an enjoyable experience it is compared to O'Hare, Midway, or Milwaukee. The only limitations were the destinations. More airlines mean more destinations.

This is the type of growth what the city needs. What would you like to see the city spruce up next?

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