Pizza Hut buildings are really distinct. Even after they shut down you can tell a former Pizza Hut was is in that location from a mile away.

It all boils down to the red roof. Some of the new tenants or owners of the building will paint the roof a different color to make it seem like it's not a former Pizza Hut, but we know what's up.

That's why the appearance of the former Pizza Hut at the corner of Auburn Street and Rockton Road on r/FormerPizzaHuts is so funny. It's an entire subreddit dedicated to closed Pizza Hut restaurants and the businesses that have replaced them.

In case you didn't know the Pizza Hut in that location went out of business some time ago and was replaced with a store called One Stop Food Mart.

Weirdly, this isn't the only Pizza Hut converted into something completely different. There are tons of them scattered across the country, and some are pretty funny to look at.

Some of former Pizza Hut restaurants have been turned into immediate care type clinics, tax preparation locations and even more strange, different pizza joints like Domino's and Marco's.

There might not be another restaurant with a more distinctive look in the world, yet, businesses clamor to get inside. Funny enough, most of the new tenants don't do quite enough to change the look.

Are there any other Pizza Hut's in Rockford that should go on r/FormerPizzaHuts? Let us know!

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