After dropping two exhibition games to their crosstown rivals, Cub fans could use a bit of good news.

One of the more surprising transformations we saw during the quarantine was what kind of shape Anthony Rizzo got himself in:

Not only did Anthony lose 25 pounds since last season, he looked like he put on a good amount of muscle as well. The (unofficial) captain was ready to go!

Then reports of a sore back started to surface and he wasn't playing in any team scrimmages. Instead, he was taking in these scrimmages from the bleachers:

While it was fun for the reporters at practice to play Where's Rizzo? it would have been much better seeing him in the batter's box.

Well, some good news came out of Cub's camp today when manager David Ross shared this bit of optimism:

CubsHQ - “Looks like all thumbs up from today,” manager David Ross told the media. “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We want to make sure he wakes up OK.”

The Cubs play their final preseason game Wednesday night (which by the way you can listen to on 1440 WROK as well as every other Cub game this season.) Hopefully, the (unofficial) captain will make his season debut.

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