This blog is going to be a bit biased but I don't really care. 

I have not liked Tim McCarver on my TV screen for a long time. I didn't like him before I knew that he was a Cardinals homer and classic "get off my lawn" old guy.

*Basically Tim McCarver whenever he opens his mouth.

Should the home announcer root for his team? Absolutely. Listen, I liked Ron Santo and he was one of the worst baseball announcers of all time. But he was fun and earnest and seemed like a really nice guy.

Tim, on the other hand, doesn't seem like he's ever had fun one day of his life.

That's what makes this Rizzo highlight so classic him.

Let's set the stage. The Cubs HAVE to win this game to force a one-game playoff with the Brewers to clinch the NL Central. The offense has been stagnant until this inning and the Cubs are in the middle of a two-out rally. Then the unofficial captain and heart of this team rips a double into the gap for his 100th RBI of the year and gives the Cubs a lead that they would not relinquish.

Does that give Rizzo the right to celebrate a little heading into second? You're damn right it does.

Now McCarver doesn't go overboard with his hate, just a little dismissive "That's a bit much" but it's just dripping with condescension.

Get over yourself, Tim. The Cubs are good and the Cardinals missed the playoffs again.

Fortunately, FOX has finally come to their senses and won't be using McCarver for any postseason baseball.

Have a good winter Tim, see you next spring.

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