If you were bummed out about the news that Gordmans was closing there's some hope for you in the eleventh hour. 

WREX - A Texas-based company has announced its plans to purchase Gordmans and keep about half of the stores open... the company had acquired a minimum of 50 Gordmans store leases... the remaining 48 stores are expected to be liquidated. It's unclear at this time which stores will stay open.

I'll fully admit that I've never bought anything from a Gordmans and really wasn't too sure what it exactly was when it was announced that they would be closing but the uproar in the community when that news broke certainly spoke to how popular it was in the Rockford area.

With two stores in the area I'd say that there's a decent chance of one of them remaining open so all you Gordmans fans out there be sure to keep your fingers crossed.

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