I don't know what it's like around your house, but being married to a snow-worshipper has been kind of tough for me this winter. My wife Amy has not been pleased at all with our lack of something for her to shovel. "Is it ever going to snow agaaaaaaaaaaaaaain?" she whined/growled the other night.

To avoid being struck with a snow shovel that's gone unused much of the winter, I told her that of course it will snow again. Sometime. Somewhere. Just not here.

We've gone over 60 days now without catching a snowfall that dumps more than 1 inch of snow. Old records are falling, and new ones are being set all over our region, regarding our notable lack of snow accumulations.

Even the snow in our forecast for the weekend is supposed to fall under the category of "a dusting."

So, for those who've been really, really missing a good heavy snowfall--like we used to get "back in the day," enjoy these time lapse videos. The best part will be not shoveling afterwards. Unless you're my wife.

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