If you've been on the receiving end of a phone call where the caller says they're  representing the Rockford Police Benevolent and Protective Association (PBPA) Unit 6, you were being called by a phone scammer. 

The phone scammers are soliciting donations for the PBPA, and even using software to make it appear as though the phone call is actually coming from the Rockford Police Department. They're also reported to be quite persistent in their demands for donations.

The problem with the scam is that the Rockford Police do not ever ask for donations over the phone. What's more, the PBPA Unit 6 is not currently seeking donations. Any donations.

Rockford Police ask that if you're contacted, you try to get a name and a phone number, then call the Rockford Police non-emergency number (815) 966-2900. Don't give the caller any money, as they have zero connection to those you'd be trying to help.

It's not just happening in Rockford, either:

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