You probably thought there was nothing worth reading at 35,000 feet anymore after the SkyMall catalog went away.

But, it turns out that you were wrong (it might be just me, but I loved that stupid SkyMall catalog).

You can read about Rockford, Illinois simply by reaching into the seat-pocket in front of you and grabbing United's in-flight magazine. It's right there, next to the air-sickness bag and the candy wrappers left there by a previous passenger. To the right of the diaper.

“People on planes are a great target audience – they have time on their hands and a propensity for travel. During March, more than 11 million passengers flying on United’s global network were exposed to our region’s best attributes as they read United’s seatback magazine,” said RACVB President/CEO John Groh. “RACVB’s public relations team worked closely with the magazine’s editorial and creative team – first pitching story ideas, then supplying content and photos. Ultimately, Nathan Bryant and I were interviewed and quoted by one of the authors, and we also placed an ad in the publication that highlighted the region’s live/work/play advantages.”

The Rockford region is prominently featured on several pages of the publication and highlights businesses and attractions like Woodward, Laurent House, and Anderson Japanese Gardens.


The award-winning onboard magazine for United Airlines is published by Ink in New York and aimed at affluent business and leisure travelers around the world. It reaches 11.5 million passengers each month on 5,600 flights per day.