Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network

Gov. Pat Quinn says he’d like to see more on the table at Thursday’s special session of the General Assembly than just a special election for comptroller.

Senate Republicans say they’d like to have a vote on a constitutional amendment to combine the offices of comptroller and treasurer. This has passed the Senate before, but not the House. The governor says he’d like to see that too. He also wants lawmakers to raise the minimum wage.

“I think it’s important that we always keep that issue in mind because the people voted on it, the Senate voted on it. I think it’s important for the Legislature to pay attention to what the people want. I certainly do, and I think it is important to all of those who labor and raise children that we’re fair to them,” he said.

The House has yet to commit to the comptroller election. State Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D-Northbrook) says the House couldn’t agree on a minimum wage bill in the fall Veto Session, and there’s no hurry on the constitutional amendment; they have 16 months to get that done.

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