Michel Kiser -- Illinois Radio Network

Former Illinois governor Pat Quinn says he's disappointed that there still isn't a state budget in place...as we are now in the fourth month of the fiscal year.

Quinn was in Champaign for an event celebrating the new Chez Family Foundation Center for Wounded Veterans in Higher Education at the University of Illinois. The center opened earlier this semester.

Quinn, a Democrat, lost his re-election bid last November to Republican Governor Bruce Rauner. Quinn says it's time that the governor step forward and get a budget in place -- and it's important for people who are elected to talk to each other.

"It's important for those who are elected to office, after they're elected, that their duty is to the public at large, and not to a political party or to a particular ideology," Quinn said.

That's in response to reports that Governor Rauner and legislative leaders have not met as a group since sometime May.

Quinn says he wishes he won the election...but says that life goes on and that he has no regrets about his time as governor.

"Life goes on," Quinn said. "One day a peacock, the next day a feather duster."

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