Here is another great story about heroes in plain sight. Earlier this week I shared a story of two men who saved a child from the second floor of a burning home in Sublette, Illinois. (You can read that store here.) This story took place in the Lena-Winslow school district.

It was a seemingly normal day for a bus driver, Duane Reed, but that was about to take a drastic turn. Duane and his bus full of eager students who were ready for another fun day of school when something in a muddy field caught his attention, according to Lena-Winslow School District #202. Duane had noticed trash cans were lying in a field and assumed they had been blown there by the wind, but there was something else. Something else in the field stood out amongst those misplaced garbage cans. Duane spotted a hand raised in the air, probably waving back and forth.

Duane quickly stopped the bus and corraled a few students to help him. Without hesitation, four students sprung into action, helped the elderly woman to her feet, got her into her home, and even collected her garbage cans and placed them where they are stored. Apparently the elderly woman trying to get the garbage cans herself but had fallen and gotten stuck in the muddy field and was unable to get to her feet or crawl to dryer ground.

If she had not raised her hand, the driver might not have seen that there was a person lying in the field.

Duane and the four students, Noah Kepner, Jayce, Baylee, and Alex Reed were all acknowledged by the Lena-Winslow school district.

The Lena-Winslow School District is proud of you and we are glad that you are Panthers!!!

What a great story and kudos to all of them for their selfless act.

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