It isn't uncommon to see people put up lights for Halloween. It is really uncommon to have a Cubs theme involved in it this late in the season. 

WMAQ TV has a story about a family who lives in Nebraska who went to great lengths to celebrate the Cubs in the post season. The video is from the You Tube account sabrinafaire.

According to the WMAQ article:

"When we bought our own house, we wanted to have a cool Halloween display,” Sabrina said of the light show. “As for the Cubs song, Paul started it last year but didn’t finish it. I asked him if he could do “Go, Cubs, Go” if they went to the World Series, so he was able to use what we had to finish it."

They also said that the hardest part of this process was trying to shoot the video. People were amazed with the display and would walk into the video.

My question is why no one around here hasn't tried anything like that. Especially when you see pumpkins sing that song.