On two occasions, I've been hit by another driver while going through a roundabout. I'm amazed at the number of drivers who just don't get it.

Why Are Roundabouts Confusing to So Many Drivers

Is it pretty safe to assume that almost all of us have something that drives us a little bonkers when we're behind the wheel?

Stressors, fears, anxieties, pet peeves, and in roundabout situations, a sizeable amount of confusion.

Rockford's 'Wreck-It' Roundabout

OH NO! Another Traffic Headache May Be Unleashed on the Rockford Area

This is the roundabout that got me. Twice! I don't know why it's so difficult for so many people to drive through this, but it is.

Rockford's Love/Hate Relationship with Roundabouts


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businessman late for work because of traffic jams

it's possible that the Rockford area will be building a new one to address some traffic issues on the far east end of town.

The 'City with a Heart' is in Love with the Idea of Building a Roundabout

The real question though, are you?

The City of Loves Park would like a 'roundabout circus' of their very own, possibly. "There has been a lot of growth out east", says Gino Galluzzo (Loves Park city attorney), and that is the reason for considering a roundabout to relieve traffic issues.

The intersection being considered for the location of a new roundabout is the intersection of Riverside Boulevard and Argyle Road, just east of Mercyhealth Sportscore 2.

The Loves Park city council voted 10-0 in favor of moving forward with the project, but for now, they're just looking into the issue right now by conducting a study, according to mystateline.com.

Riverside/Argyle looking East

Google Maps
Google Maps

Those in favor of a roundabout are looking for relief from long waits to turn left onto Argyle Road and cars traveling west at a high rate of speed.

Riverside/Argyle looking West

Google Maps
Google Maps

The roundabout would certainly keep the traffic that would continue traveling eastbound on Riverside moving.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Another big concern would be how the roundabout would affect the entrance to the Harvest Hills neighborhood.

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