People in Illinois may take proverbial shots at Wisconsin but America's Dairyland has jumped on a new trend that could save lives.

If you're a female daring the dating world you need to read this.

Whiskey shots on bar
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Over the past few years, I have heard so many bad dating stories from women that make me question humanity, mainly men. I'm not perfect nor anywhere close but some of the stories I have been told are shocking, to say the least.

Dating App Dates

Oddly enough the similarity lies within the world of dating apps. It's mainly a rotation between men not looking like they do in their profile or men who are married. That's not always the case, sometimes it is just men being completely disgusting.

I can't imagine saying some of the things shared by my lady friends out loud. Trust me, I have said some crazy things in my time on earth so if it makes me cringe it is really bad.

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Houston, we have a problem.

Is your date not going so well? Are you looking for an escape?

Sad couple having a conflict

There are plenty of ways to get out of a date, maybe having a friend on standby to be your scapegoat, sneaking to the bathroom to send a quick text, or just getting up and leaving. Sometimes the situation won't allow any of those scenarios.

Are you feeling threatened or in danger?

In the event, you are starting to feel seriously threatened or in danger, there's a drink you can order at Wisconsin bars that let them know you need help. In some cases, these drinks may be shared on a wall in the women's restroom.

Though there seems to be a universal "shot" to order to signal that there's a problem maybe bars and clubs should choose their own "drink" for you to order so malicious men aren't catching wind of this hidden safety measure.

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