John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network

A package of police reforms awaiting the governor's signature isn't meant to demonize the cops, according to supporters of the legislation.

The changes include standards for how police-worn body cameras will be used, requiring independent investigations of officer-involved deaths, and providing annual training for officers on the use of force.

State Sen. Jacqueline Collins (D-Chicago) notes while this isn't an anti-police bill, she says there shouldn't be any need to convince people that some officers have abused their authority.

"This isn't an indictment of law enforcement, because law enforcement were at the table, they were at the table for the negotiation," Collins said. "So I would think that for society to appropriately respect all individuals, we shouldn't have to do any convincing to anyone."

While the governor hasn't indicated whether he'll sign the bill, the legislation passed with more than enough votes in both chambers to override a potential veto.

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