Time to pack up the family and go on a road trip.

Think about it, you've probably driven further for an even smaller payoff. I mean, I drove my entire family to Galena, Illinois to just buy popcorn.

After that jaunt, a two hour (or less depending on your speeds) drive to check out Whitey's Ice Cream in Moline, Illinois is something much more doable.

Need more inspiration? Whitey's just landed on a list that includes ice cream shops located in Los Angeles, New York City, as well as France and Italy. Yep, Whitey's was named one of the "World's Best Ice Cream Parlors." How often can you compare the quality in something from Moline, Illinois versus something in Nice, France?

The Daily Meal says "For 85 years, Whitey’s Ice Cream has churned out scoops, shakes, and floats with the same recipes and focus on exemplary customer service."

Whitey's has expanded over that time, with now 10 locations in both Illinois and Iowa.

The stuff at Whitey's is so good, "its Graham Central Station ice cream (graham cracker ice cream with graham cracker swirl) won the top spot at the World Dairy Expo scoring 99 out of a possible 100 points." per The Daily Meal.

Next time you plan a road trip that might include something that doesn't include a cruise to Whitey's you should probably think again.

Have you been to Whitey's? What's your favorite flavor?

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