What's better than baseball and a hot dog? Obviously baseball and a hot dog and a burger. Duh. 

The best season of the year is finally here, baseball season!

Argue with me if you want... but no other sports season can beat it. There's baseball on basically every day, you can go to a game on a weekday or a weekend, there are day games and night games and if you really want another reason... in Illinois we have TWO professional teams!

While I'll always be a Cubs fan, it is kind of cool to think about how much Chicago baseball you could have in your life if you wanted to cheer for the White Sox too.

Food is totally a big part of baseball season and that usually means hot dogs.

But this year, one of Rockford's hottest burger joints is getting in on the action with a hot dog on top of a burger.

Did you guess what burger spot I'm talking about?

If you said 15th & Chris, you're right.

James Purifoy has a new menu item just in time for summer, the Harr E Carey.

It's not just the  burger with the hot dog, there's also some cheese, tomato, sweet relish, sport peppers, grilled onions, pickles and mustard.

Honestly, this looks and sounds incredible, and since everything I've ever had from 15th & Chris has been delicious I'm going to go ahead and guess this will be too.

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