You very well know you can't have a complete Thanksgiving meal without a great pie.

Whether it be pumpkin, apple, or something in between, pie is needed on the table.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash
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For me, it's about the only time of year I go in on a slice of pie.

It just doesn't seem like a pie normally needs to be part of my "desserting life."

Photo by Timothy Wolff on Unsplash

Maybe it's because I've been eating pie from the wrong place.

Since we're so close to Thanksgiving, it's beyond excellent to see Thrillist put out their 25 Best Pie Shops in America list.

If you're reading this and live in Illinois or Wisconsin, there are actually two pie shops pretty close by that are considered two of the greatest in the US.

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

In Milwaukee, Honeypie, 2643 South Kinnickinnic Avenue, is one of Thrillist's faves describing it as "a throwback-style diner with a penchant for pie" adding they turn out a "dizzying variety of options" that "are a nod to Wisconsin culture (Brandy Old Fashioned Cherry, Apple Cheddar Bacon) and some are just a nod to being delicious."

Then there's one in Chicago, called Baker Miller that sounds like one of the greatest pie shops in the world. For real, this stuff sounds legit.

Thrillist on MSN:

A few years back, Dave and Megan Miller (a ha!), two of the founding partners from Chicago’s rightly beloved Bang Bang Pie Shop split off on their own to get even deeper into the pie-making arts (and other grain-based endeavors), meticulously sourcing and milling (ah ha again!) local grain for a unique product that makes pie consumption feel about as nutritionally virtuous as it could possibly be. That’s not to say you aren't still indulging yourself—rotating options like peanut butter buckeye pie, deeply rich chocolate chess, and blueberry cheesecake swirl still unquestionably deliver on the 'treat yourself' front.

In my head, Baker Miller is the kind of place you go to when you want something a little less than traditional for Thanksgiving, where bite after bite your mind keeps getting blown.

Baker Miller is located at 4655 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

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