Who says you need to go to Chicago to get the best eats in Illinois?

You'd think the Windy City would have a distinct advantage over the rest of the state when it comes to food.

When you cram that many people into one place you're probably going to have the best of something nine times out of ten.

Not when it comes to pie though apparently.

24/7 Tempo's Best Pie Shop in Every State list highlighted a joint that isn't in Chicago, and better yet, not even in the suburbs.

This pie shop in particular is in Princeton, Illinois. Population 7,545 and home to Myrtle's Cafe and Pie.

Scoring a 4.5 out of 5 on Yelp, Kristen C. says Myrtle's "deserves 10 stars" and "There's not one bad pie here and I have too many favorites to suggest."

According to Myrtle's Pies on Facebook:

One of our customers favorites is.........
Chocolate Mint Overboard!
Delicious chocolate cookies on the bottom with a flavorful chocolate mint pudding, topped with silky whip cream and more chocolate cookies.

On the other hand, there are some Yelp reviewers who disagree with the high marks Myrtle's Pies, like Karen E. (I know, Karen) saying there's "Not quite as many options as I had thought there would be" and "The lemon blueberry poppyseed was a little short on blueberries and overwhelmed by the cream on top."

This might be one of those try it for yourself and see if you agree or disagree with 24/7 Tempo's ranking of Myrtle's as the best pie joint in Illinois.

Not like it's a big deal though. It's pie. Who doesn't like pie? Myrtle's Cafe & Pie is located at 927 North Main Street in Princeton.

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