Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network

The governor has promised not to sign a temporary budget, and the Illinois House may well give him a chance to make good on his word today.

A $2.3 billion, one-month budget, which has already passed the Senate, is being derided as simply one-twelfth of the Democratic-passed spending plan the governor has already vetoed; a budget which is $4 billion out of balance.

“The idea that the bill would put the budget for Fiscal Year 2016 out of whack is totally wrong,” said House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), presenting the bill in committee. “It funds a very small portion of state services; not all of the services and the operations of state government. To call it what it isn't does not help the discourse.”

The fiscal year began July 1 with no new budget.

SB 2040 has passed the House Executive Committee.