It's time to take a look in your freezer for some bad food. 

WGN - The U.S. Department of Agriculture said that OK Food Inc. is recalling 933,272 pounds of the food shipped nationwide that was produced between Dec. 19 2016 and March 7 2016, and includes the number "P-7092" inside the USDA inspection mark. Complete list of products.

The recall is due to the possibility of finding metal in the food. The contamination came from metal conveyor belts and was discovered Tuesday.

No injuries have been reported and consumers have been advised to throw the food away or return it to the place of purchase.

What a bad day to be inspector 1,578,698. I mean what do you think happened? Someone forgot to replace some of those roller things after 500,000 miles? Maybe there was a disgruntled employee who sabotaged the whole thing. All I know is what I've learned watching Fight Club is that this had to be pretty serious to recall almost a million pounds of product.

I thought back to when I regularly ate frozen nuggets (college and the years right after) and I'm convinced that there would have been a 0.0% chance of me throwing those nuggets out. I would have just put a Post-It on the bag reminding me to chew carefully. Either that or just run a magnet over my food. Moral of that story is that I used to be a pretty disgusting person.


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