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I've been having fun passing along all the different sites I've visited in the course of a week. Most of my time is spent hunting down news stories, political info, etc., but occasionally I find myself on a website that is no good to me whatsoever--but is lots of fun for taking a little time-out. So, without further explanation, let's hit the links:

What happens after you're stuck inside for a week because of bad weather? Some serious horsing around.

My folks got a couple of these notices...per week.

Ah, they grow up so fast...these animals.

This is an amazing encounter between man and nature.

You can't bring back the past, but you can recreate it.

Check out these amazing images from above.

I like big bugs, and I cannot lie.

This one is for my wife Amy. For every time she said to me, "Oh. you're wearing that?

And finally, this weekend..we're bathing the dog...

Have a great weekend!

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