If you ask 10 different Rockfordians their opinion on the city's handful of roundabouts, you'll probably receive 10 different answers.

Personally, I'm a huge fan of them and think that more should be installed around the city. They're proven to be considerably safer and ease congestion in busy intersections.

The most common argument against roundabouts is that they actually cause more accidents, which is true. Technically. Minor accidents do rise slightly in roundabouts but serious and fatal accidents drop to essentially zero.

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A little public education could go a long way to getting these safer alternatives installed across the country and avoid scenes like this.

Here are 9 intersections in Rockford that I'd like to see transformed into roundabouts. They would all connect in a square grid that would make getting around town considerably easier.

9 Rockford Intersections That Should Be Turned Into Roundabouts

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