This is one event that the coronavirus can't stop. 

We've been losing a lot of events to the pandemic so it's nice to know that we can still count on some of our favorites.

Nicholas Conservatory's "All Aglow" feature will come to life starting next weekend. The exhibit runs from November 28 till January 10.

From their website:

Celebrate the holidays at Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens! Come see sparkling holiday lights in the outdoor gardens.

Please follow health and safety guidelines by distancing from other guests and wearing a mask if you cannot distance when you are outdoors.

We have Laura Gibbs-Greene from the Park District on the morning show every Friday to talk about upcoming events and I got to ask Laura about the prep for the event. She told me that the planning for the display begins the minute the previous year's display goes down. We also learned that they have been stringing lights since this summer so you know there's going to be a ton of lights.

Unfortunately, Nicholas Conservatory had to shut down any inside activities but this is the perfect, and most importantly safe, way to enjoy one of the most beautiful spots in all of Rockford.

If you want an idea of what to expect, take a look at a video of last year's display. Simply beautiful.

It's not cold enough yet, but remember you can also skate out at the lagoon under the lights when it gets frozen over for free.

Here are the rules:

  • Skate at your own risk; no Rockford Park District supervision provided

  • Wear appropriate clothing for outdoor weather

  • Adults are responsible for the children under their care

  • Participants may not carry infants or children while skating

  • Skaters accept responsibility for knowing the range of their ability while on skates, and skating within the limits of that ability

  • Use of hockey sticks and pucks are only allowed on the north side of the lagoon

  • Foul language or inappropriate behavior may result in immediate removal from the facility

  • Do not leave valuables unattended; the Rockford Park District is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles

  • Report any inappropriate or illegal conduct to the Rockford Park District Park Police at 815-966-2900. In case of emergency call 9-1-1.

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