Many local high school basketball players received the bad news today that they were fearing would come eventually. All NIC-10 principals and athletic directors released this statement to local media outlets and the community.


Administrators are stating that insurance companies from each individual district advised them not to participate and that a failure to do so would result in a lack of coverage for the basketball season, basically giving each district no other choice than to postpone the season.

(NOTE: It's interesting that insurance companies will cover high school football when we know the long term effects of football can do to the brains of young kids, but this is a bridge too far I guess.)

This all started a few weeks ago when Governor Pritzker announced that basketball was being moved from a medium risk sport to a high-risk sport, which would have meant that no competition would be allowed during at least the winter. The IHSA rebuffed the governor's announcement a day later, saying that they would allow high schools to participate in the winter basketball season if they wanted to. We spoke with IHSA director Craig Anderson the day after.

What's next for NIC-10 basketball? No one knows. They could push the season to the spring of even summer but that will be announced.... later? Like I said no one knows, but we will definitely be watching.

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