The NIC-10's girls volleyball race is an interesting battle between four schools. The football race will be decided Friday and the boys soccer race is essentially over.

football crowd

Friday night in Rockton undefeated Hononegah hosts undefeated Auburn. The next closest teams in the standings are Harlem and East at 4-2 so Friday's winner is highly likely to win the conference.

Auburn is seeking its third straight conference title in what may be coach Dan Appino's final season. Hononegah is seeking its first since tying Belvidere North for first in 2014.

In volleyball, Belvidere North knocked off Guilford Tuesday to remain tied for first at 9-2 with Hononegah. Guilford dropped into a tie for third with Harlem at 8-3.

North's toughest remaining games are at Boylan (6-5) on Oct. 12 and home against Freeport (6-5) on Oct. 13.

Hononegah still has a home match against Harlem on Oct. 10 and at Guiflord on Oct. 12.

In soccer, Guilford knocked off Belvidere North, 3-2, Tuesday and now at 7-0 has a two game lead in the conference with contests left with Belvidere (5-2) and winless Auburn.

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