I don't know how you feel about your small, plastic I-Pass transponder, but I definitely have mixed feelings. One the one hand, it is a lot easier than stopping to pay cash at a tollbooth (remember when we used to be able to do that?), but on the other hand they are a real pain to keep track of, especially if you share one with your family.

And, it you're like me and refuse to Velcro the transponder to your dashboard or windshield, you've probably spent more than a little time trying to find it under one of your car's seats after it went flying when you went around a corner.

Bottom line: it really doesn't matter how you feel about it, the plastic I-Pass transponder is on its way out, and stickers are already taking its place in our vehicles. With changes like this, it's more than likely that many people have questions about how things will work with our new I-Pass sticker system.

WGNTV, Facebook
WGNTV, Facebook

We'll Cover How To Order Your New I-Pass Stickers Online In A Moment, But There Are Other Ways Of Getting Yourself Those New Stickers

Since February, you've had the ability to get the I-Pass stickers at Illinois Tollway Customer Service centers, as well as at Jewel-Osco and RoadRanger stores in and around the Chicago area.

However, you should keep in mind that you don't have to make the switch from the plastic transponder to the sticker until your plastic transponder's expiration date. So, if you, like me, have a plastic transponder that doesn't expire until 2027, you don't have to switch until then. You can do it earlier if you want to, but you don't have to.

Illinois Tollway, Facebook
Illinois Tollway, Facebook
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Tom Ramos, Facebook

If you'd just prefer to order your new I-Pass stickers online, it's easy enough to do so, according to the FAQs at IllinoisTollway.com:


    • No charge for I-PASS Sticker Tags, and no deposit required for I-PASS Sticker Tags obtained at an Illinois Tollway Customer Service Center or ordered online. A retail service fee will be required at Jewel-Osco and RoadRanger stores.
    • The $10 transponder deposit will be transferred into current I-PASS customer’s prepaid toll account balance once a new I-PASS Sticker Tag is registered to the account.
    • Sticker Tags are not transferable, one sticker tag per vehicle, permanently installed to windshield
    • No batteries, so no need to swap out and and safer for our environment.
    • Old transponders can be recycled at a location near you. Use the link here and search for lithium batteries and your zip code.

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