For anyone who's ever wondered if our elected lawmakers in Illinois really do anything besides raise taxes and fees, the nearly 300 new laws that will take effect in Illinois in 2024 should convince you that they're doing...well...something.

A week or so back, we ran down some of the new laws that are coming to Illinois after January 1st, 2024, so today we're taking a look at how some of the new laws will affect Illinois motorists and those who use different types of transit to get around.

Something new that will affect drivers in Illinois positively is the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) being required to create a new mobile app that will keep Illinois drivers up-to-date on the very latest road conditions, with a goal of keeping more people safe during instances of bad weather, especially snow and ice.

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One Particular New Illinois Law Shouldn't Have To Be A Law At All Because Anyone With Even The Smallest Amount Of Common Sense Should Know Better

That new law is HB-2431, and it makes video conferencing while driving illegal in Illinois. Again, I would think that common sense would tell you that staring at your screen during a Zoom meeting while driving down the road at highway speeds will more than likely end up really badly. I also tend to think that people who were already doing that will keep doing it, illegal or not.

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Here Are Several More New Illinois Laws For 2024 That May Affect How You Get Around

State lawmakers didn't just stop after deciding that Zoom-driving was dangerous and needed to be addressed. They pushed through, and the governor signed, several more:

  • No vehicle shall be stopped or searched by law enforcement solely because of a violation of driving with any object placed or suspended between the driver and front windshield, rear windshield, side wings, or side windows.
  • Motorcycle licenses will no longer be offered to residents under the age of 18, with specific exceptions.
  • Auxiliary lighting on motorcycles may not emit blue lights. Auxiliary lights may only emit red light if they are actively braking.
  • Operators of ambulances or other rescue vehicles must have specified training in the operation of that vehicle. In municipalities with population of under one million residents, sirens and lamps must be in operation at all times when pedestrians and other drivers are present, and when that vehicle has been called to a bona fide emergency or has been directed to disregard traffic laws in the operation of the vehicle. The ambulance must also slow down at red lights to achieve safe operation.
  • Residents of Illinois who buy vehicles in another state must apply for registration and certificate of title no less than 45 days after the purchase of the vehicle.


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But Wait, There's More...

  • No vehicle shall be stopped or searched by law enforcement solely because of a violation of driving with any object placed or suspended between the driver and front windshield, rear windshield, side wings, or side windows.
  • Requires best practices on stranded motorists to be included in Illinois Rules of the Road publications.
  • A massive transit bill, the law will explore expanded reduced-fare service, require transit agencies to purchase emission-free buses, and will provide free transit to victims of domestic violence.
  • All employers with 50 or more employees, and that are located within one mile of regularly scheduled transit service, will be required to allow eligible employees to exclude public transit costs from their taxable wages.
  • Special registration plates may be issued to United States submarine veterans.
  • “Thank a Line Worker” license plate decals will be available. $10 of each original issuance and $23 of each renewal shall be deposited into the “Thank a Line Worker Scholarship Fund.”

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