The state of Illinois is filled with so many historic spots. When it comes to travel though, just where is the oldest road in The Land of Lincoln located?

If you're up for some beautiful, historic travel this summer, this Illinois road might just be the spot for you. Not only is it the oldest in our state, but it's long enough to take a fun scenic trip on!

The Oldest Road in Illinois

If you want to guess as to what road I'm talking about, I'll give you some clues! The famous road in our state was the FIRST Federally-funded road in U.S. history between 1811 and 1837! Today, its current length is 164 miles through Illinois. The legendary highway was also the primary route for people who wanted to head West.

Key stops on the road's stretch include...

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Have you guessed which road I'm talking about yet?

National Road is the Oldest Road in the State of Illinois

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You'd be absolutely correct if you guessed the iconic, historic National Road! This amazing route of Americana starts in Cumberland, Maryland -- eventually getting to The Land of Lincoln in Marshall, Illinois, and heads through the state to East St. Louis, Illinois.

Historic National Road Through Illinois
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This route has so many beautiful stops for people to visit and enjoy. It'd be kind of a cool summer plan to check it out. Here is some more summer fun content I found for you to check out too!


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