It would be understandable if you, as an Illinois resident, ever found yourself wondering if our elected lawmakers down in Springfield are actually doing anything besides getting two pay raises over the course of one year.

We know a good chunk of them are laser-focused on finding more ways to tax you to death, or raise the fees on nearly anything they can--but you can't just do that or your citizens are going to start looking for new places to live, like Florida, Indiana, and Wisconsin (the top three states Illinoisans are relocating to).

Here in Illinois, like every other state, the elected lawmakers are elected to make laws, and Illinois lawmakers produced several bills this year that the governor has signed and designated to take effect on January 1st, 2024.

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January Of 2024 Will Usher In Some New Illinois Laws Regarding Technology, History, Guns, Heritage, And Even Stolen Cars

With 566 bills passed during the session this year, there are several changes and additions to current Illinois laws going into 2024, and some laws that address developing technologies like "deep fakes" and Zoom meetings.

Here are some of the new laws that kick in on New Years Day here in Illinois:

  • If you're Italian or know someone who is (that has to cover just about everyone), congratulate them because, thanks to HB 1199, beginning next year, October will be designated as Italian-American Heritage Month in Illinois.
  • In the first such law of its kind in the United States, Illinois parents are required to set aside a portion of income made from their child's content on social media sites. It goes into a trust that only they can access when they turn 18. The law goes into effect July 1st.
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Making Laws Is Apparently A Lot Like Eating Potato Chips--You Can't Stop With Just One Or Two

Here are a few more new Illinois laws for 2024 (hat tip to

  • HB 2123: The “Digital Forgeries Act” holds that individuals have a right to legal recourse if they are the target of “deep fakes” or digitally-altered sexual images.
  • HB 2431: Videoconferencing while driving will now be banned in Illinois.
  • HB 3751: Non-citizens who are legally allowed to work in the United States will now be eligible to apply to become police officers.
  • HB 2719: Hospitals will be legally required to screen patients for eligibility for financial assistance before sending them to collections.
  • HB 2068: All employers with 50 or more employees, and that are located within one mile of regularly-scheduled transit service, will be required to allow eligible employees to exclude public transit costs from their taxable wages.
  • HB 2493: All employees in Illinois will now have unpaid leave of up to two weeks in the event a family or household member is killed in a crime of violence.
  • HB 3236: Contracts, transactions and agreements that extend credit to a consumer to purchase a dog or cat will be null and void.

Click here for more new Illinois laws for 2024.

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