Stop me if you've heard this before. Rockford's going to get a train line!

Yes, we've heard it at least half a dozen times before but I'm only 39 so I'm sure I missed at least 10 more times before I was born. But is it different this time?

State Senator Steve Stadelman believes so:

WREX - “In the 2009 capital bill it was just lump sum for passenger rail service,” says Stadelman.  “What this capital plan does is it mentions Rockford rail service specifically. So it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when it comes together. It’s in as a line item so that’s reassuring people and advocates of this service.”

Others like Representative John Cabello thinks this plan will just go the way of past rail plans:

“We can’t afford it! There’s no way the tax payers are going to be able to afford all that stuff,” says Cabello. “There’s no structural reforms, no property tax relief. All it is is tax tax tax, spend spend spend. I don’t know how that’s good for anyone that lives in the state.”

Other than the fact there was a "line item" in the budget, no other specifics were given.


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