When you see the inside of this museum, you'll all be screaming for ice cream!

I used to travel a lot to Los Angeles and the one thing I really wanted to go to was the Ice Cream Museum.  It looked sooooo cool from the photos online, everybody gets to eat a bunch of ice cream, sit in a pool of sprinkles, and you have endless photo opportunities throughout the entire experience.

Yeah, Los Angeles is really far from us Midwesterners, but Chicago isn't!  The Museum of Ice Cream finally announced they will be having their Grand Opening in Chicago on July 16th!!!  Here's a little taste of what to expect...


An experience that inspires imagination & connection
Celebrating the universal joy of ice cream

Just trust me when I say there's a sprinkle pool... it's REAL!  I remember my first time walking down into it, it's exactly what you imagine it to be: hard, inedible sprinkles that kinda smell like stinky feet from all the guests before you.  It's fun, though!!!

The photo opportunities cover every inch of this Museum, too.  There's over 14 installations to visit.  From the hanging bananas to the giant ice cream scooper, you'll have tons of fun exploring this place!

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The one in Los Angeles had an ice cream sandwich swing you can sit on and take pictures with, I realllllly hope they have that in Chicago!

Though this ice cream art isn't edible, you'll get the chance to indulge in some scrumptious sweets along the way to fill your belly.  This can be your cheat day, you probably won't be able to resist any of the sweetness!

Doesn't this all look delicious?!  The dessert themed carnival is covered with the cost of your ticket! You can reserve your ticket HERE for their Grand Opening July 16th at the historic Chicago Tribune tower!  

Vegan and allergen-free treat options will be available for guests and adults can get tipsy from one of the signature pink cocktails!

Follow the Museum of Ice Cream on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest info about the new location.  They might reveal sneak peek photos inside the Museum before you go, too!

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