I'm all about being inclusive and accepting everybody for who they truly are.  That's why I'm so proud to write about this music festival coming to Chicago this Summer!

Being raised in a multiracial family, I learned what it was like to NOT be accepted by people because of my background.  So when I see people living their best lives because they love who they are in their own skin, it makes me very happy.  Pride In The Park is a music festival people can attend and express themselves with no judgement and only good vibes surrounding them!


Featuring LGBTQ+ performers, artists, vendors, and more. An immersive & inclusive Pride experience.

This Music Festival will be held at Chicago's Grant Park on June 25th and 26th, 2022.  Maybe it's a coincidence, but my birthday is the 26th! That's probably a sign I have to go... what do you think?

There will be over 30 performers spread throughout the 2 festival days.  With just 2 stages to bounce back and forth from, you better get there early if you really want a close spot by the stage!

Come as you are!  This marvelous outfit from a past festival-goer has me convinced this event will bring out the best in you.  They DEFINITELY understood the assignment.

This is just one of many INCREDIBLE outfits you'll probably spot at the park!

If you need another reason to buy tickets to Pride in the Park, just look at the festival at night time.  WHAT A VIBE. The festival is open on Saturday 2pm - 10pm and Sunday 3pm - 10pm, so you'll have endless time to check out all the vendors, artists, and performers around the park.

Maybe Steve Aoki will make a surprise appearance this year and throw Pride cake in your face, he didn't disappoint last time he attended the Music Fest! Fingers crossed!!!

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That reminds me, let me tell you about the lineup for Summer 2022!

Though I didn't know The Chainsmokers still performed, they're HEADLINING Pride in the Park this year.  Also, Rebecca Black is performing too... my inner 12-year-old is fangirling because the One Hit Wonder artist is making a comeback and I'm here for it!

Check out the other artists below!

If you think Pride in the Park is for you, then go!  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain - including an experience you'll never forget.  You can grab your tickets here and find all additional information on their festival website.

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