Summer is the perfect time for a road trip, and if you're traveling across the state of Illinois there are many opportunities to experience a number of one-of-a-kind destinations.

The good people at Reboot Illinois have compiled a list of the Top 12 Roadside Attractions in the Land of Lincoln. It includes the Superman Statue in Metropolis, the World’s Largest Cross in Effingham, and miniature golf in a funeral home in Palatine. But also making an appearance is a roadside attraction in Mt. Carroll.


It's the Raven's Grin Inn in Mt. Carroll. The write-up says:

Raven’s Grin Inn Raven’s Grinn Inn, built in 1870, is considered one of the best haunted houses in the country. The current owner, Jim Warfield, bought the house, which had no plumbing or electricity, for $3,000 in 1988 and converted it into a real-life haunted house.

Scanning the list, I have been to exactly zero of the attractions in the Top 12. But that just means I have more to experience in years to come, I suppose.