There aren't many drives in Illinois, a state known for being so boringly flat, that take your breath away. Except for this one.

Perhaps not everyone appreciates a great stretch of road winding through forest-like terrain and maybe some expansive prairies and farmland.

Driving with the windows down around sunset and alongside one of Illinois' rivers as the summer day begins to cool off, sounds like a dream road trip to me.

While everything is green and blossoming or as summer turns to all the gorgeous colors of fall, this stretch of Illinois road is one of the most scenic drives in America.

This road provides such amazing scenery that it seems unfair that one person has to keep their eyes on the road. You should probably switch drivers for the ride home.

The writers at set out to discover the Most Scenic Drives in Every State and for the state of Illinois, it's this 33-mile stretch of the over 2,000 mile Great River Road.


Great Rivers National Scenic Byway

This portion of the Great River Road that runs through the state of Illinois runs from Hartford to Grafton, Illinois.

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As you can see on the map above, this scenic road starts where the two Great Rivers, Illinois, Missouri, and Mississippi meet.

As the roads (Illinois Routes 3, 143, and 100) hug the convergence of these mighty rivers, your eyes will witness some of the Midwest's most beautiful terrain. Plus, some great towns to stop and enjoy along the way.

The kind of terrain that might be just what your soul needs most. Look at some of the beauty others' have found on Great Rivers National Scenic Byway

According to @ilgreatriverroad on Instagram, the Great River Road is home to 3 covered bridges.

Your drive along the Great River Road will take you through Galena, one of the coolest small towns in America to visit. Thunder Bay Falls (ate Eagle Ridge Resort) is a good place to stop is the perfect place to start planning your Great Rivers National Scenic Byway road trip.

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