Is this really an ant? Or is it something else?

Bugs are the worst.

I don't care if mosquitoes keep fleas away or bees scare tarantulas (both of which are not true), if I see a bug and my dad is in the same building I will ask him to kill it, if I'm alone, I suck it up and do it myself.

The other day I saw this giant bug crawling up my bathroom wall.

This bug can only be described as an ant that has been injected with whatever they used in 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' to un-shrink them.

I have an issue googling bugs because then I have to look at them on my computer, but maybe it was a carpenter ant?

It definitely had a strong crunch when I killed it with a giant wad of paper towels.

My real question isn't what type of bug it is, but, should I be concerned that the ant's friends will attack my in my sleep as revenge.

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