One of the few upsides to this whole COVID-19 mess has been lower prices at the pump week after week. Now, gas prices are on the uptick.

AAA-Chicago says state gas price averages increased for less than a dozen states in the last week, but they were large enough jumps to push an increase to the national average. At $1.78, today’s average is a penny more expensive than last week, 16 cents less than a month ago and $1.11 cheaper than last year at this time.

AAA-Chicago's Molly Hart:

As some states begin to re-open businesses, those states will likely see demand increase and pump prices will likely follow suit. Although U.S. gasoline demand has incrementally increased, it remains below 6 million barrels per day. On the week, the Great Lakes and Central region saw double-digit increases in a few states, but the bulk of the country saw decreases of a nickel or less. Pump price fluctuation will continue across the country in coming weeks, especially as more states re-open and motorists begin driving more.




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