If I had a dollar for every time I've wished I had a dollar for every dollar Ken Griffin, Illinois' richest man has, I might have enough dollars to actually make the Forbes "Richest List."

I know it seems like weird wishing, but I am prepared in case I should encounter a genie in a bottle.

There's no wishing for more wishes, sir. (Getty Images)
There's no wishing for more wishes, sir. (Getty Images)
Getty Images
This is the next best thing to getting more wishes. (Getty Images)

Forbes Says That The Richest 400 Americans Did Not Get Richer Over The Last Year

Basing their conclusions on stock prices from September 2nd of 2022, Forbes says that the net worth of what are called the "super rich" has dropped by about $500 million overall.

No need for a telethon or crowd-funding for this unfortunate group, because even with a drop of 11% to their net wealth, the super rich in America are still worth over $4 trillion.

However, it's important to note that not every member of the Forbes 400 richest saw their fortunes decline. The man pictured below actually increased his net wealth.

Meet Ken Griffin, Illinois' richest man. (Getty Images)
Meet Ken Griffin, Illinois' richest man. (Getty Images)

Hedge Fund Giant And Head Of Citadel, Ken Griffin, Still Holds The Top Spot In Illinois

Mr. Griffin, according to Forbes estimates, is worth $30.8 billion and also holds a $10 billion lead in net worth over Illinois' second-richest person, Walmart's Lukas Walton, who has an impressive bank account of $20.5 billion.

So that's what a billionaire's to-do list looks like! (Getty Images)
So that's what a billionaire's to-do list looks like! (Getty Images)

There's Quite A Drop-Off In Wealth Among Illinois' Billionaires Once You Get Past The Top Two On The List

Ken Griffin's got $30 billion, Lukas Walton has $20 billion, but the others that follow, while still super-rich, have significantly less sitting in their vaults.

Here's the full list of Illinois' 15 richest people, and what Forbes estimates their net worth to be:

  • Ken Griffin, $30.8 billion, hedge funds
  • Lukas Walton, $20.5 billion, Walmart
  • Patrick Ryan, $8.5 billion, insurance
  • Neil Bluhm, $6.2 billion, real estate
  • Sam Zell, $5.3 billion, real estate, private equity
  • Mark Walter, $5.2 billion, Finance
  • Joe Mansueto, $5 billion, investment research
  • Thomas Pritzker, $4.7 billion, hotels, investments
  • Joseph Grendys, $4.2 billion, poultry processing
  • Ty Warner, $4.1 million, plush toys, real estate
  • Elizabeth Uihlein, $3.9 billion, packaging materials
  • Richard Uihlein, $3.9 billion, packaging materials
  • Eric Lefkofksy, $3.8 billion, Groupon, investments
  • J.B. Pritzker, $3.6 billion, hotels, investments
  • Steven Sarowitz, $3.3 billion, payroll software


"Wait...what?" (Getty Images)
"Wait...what?" (Getty Images)

And, as has been the case for a number of years, JB Pritzker is on the list, but he's not the richest guy in Illinois, or even the richest Pritzker.

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