The game of baseball has been littered with dumb injuries. A cursory google search will quickly bring up these injuries:

  • Marty Cordova fell asleep in a tanning bed
  • Ricky Henderson got frostbite.. in August
  • Matt Cain injured himself making a sandwich
  • Will Smith tore his LCL taking off his shoes
  • Joel Zumaya hurt himself playing Guitar Hero
  • Trevor Bauer cut his finger fixing his drone
  • Sammy Sosa threw out his back sneezing
  • Tom Glavine broke a rib throwing up after bad airplane food
  • Brandon Morrow hurt his back taking off some pants

The list is nearly endless and most of them are kind of funny and honestly relatable. We've all hurt ourselves in dumb ways but we don't usually need to tell the media about it and it generally doesn't prohibit you from doing your job.

I also don't necessarily think that it's baseball players that are prone to dumb injuries, but when you play pretty much every day, a dumb slice of a finger can put you in the papers for missing 3 days.

Well, the latest injury to a Brewers player isn't really funny and it also isn't relatable to most who have control over their emotions.

Williams is one of the Brewers top relievers and is now out the rest of the season.

Punching a wall is absolutely dumb, but what makes it dumber is that he did it after he got drunk while celebrating the Brewers clinching a playoff spot.

Would you like to see a man that is totally embarrassed by his actions? Here you go:

As a Cub fan, this does bring me a little schadenfreude, but I won't celebrate the injury with my team struggling to reach the 70-win mark.

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