Wouldn't it be great to be reading this only to discover that I'm writing about you? I think the only thing better might be to find that I'm writing about me, but it turns out, sadly, that you and I are not likely to show up anywhere in this piece other than right here.

To make the Forbes list of the Richest Person In Every State, I quickly figured out that you need at least a few billion dollars...and in checking my balance this morning I discovered that I'm woefully short of that.

Oh, well. Enough about us, let's talk about the rich folks.

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The Answer To The Question "Who Is Illinois' Richest Person" Has Been The Same For Several Years...Until The Guy Who Was The Richest Decided To Move To Florida Last Year

That would be hedge fund manager and Citadel CEO and co-founder Ken Griffin, who last year took his estimated wealth of $32.7 billion and moved on down to Florida. The interesting part of this move is that Ken Griffin, formerly Illinois' richest person, is now Florida's richest person.

With Mr. Griffin's outbound migration from Illinois, someone else moves to Illinois' number-one spot.

Before you guess, I'll give you one clue that might help. This person's wealth is the result of being a member of a certain family (not named Pritzker), and that family is the family behind:

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Fun Fact: Every State In The United States Has At Least One Billionaire Except 3 States---Alaska, Delaware, And West Virginia

But enough about other states, let's get back to Illinois, and the person Forbes names as Illinois' richest person.

That would be a man named Lukas Walton, and at 36 years old, Mr. Walton is not only Illinois' richest person, but also the youngest person on the entire Forbes list of the richest people in every state.

The Forbes list pegs Lukas Walton's net worth at $22.9 billion.


Walton is ranked by Forbes as the 71st-wealthiest person in the world.

According to Forbes, Walton inherited his fortune when his father, John, died in a plane crash in 2005, receiving approximately one-third of his estate.

Walton is listed by Forbes as an investor in businesses "tackling environmental and social challenges."

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