Rue21 closing down is sad news for many people who loved the store. But for us in the Rockford area, that means we can invite some other amazing businesses in! Here are some stores I'd love to see come to the soon-to-be former Machesney Park location.

I love shopping, even just this weekend I splurged on some cute summer dresses because my wardrobe needed them. Hearing about businesses closing is a bummer, but some positives can come out of it.

I loved the Rue21 location in Machesney Park, so here are some stores that I'd love to see take over the location! It's too good of a spot not to fill in, in my opinion.

Stores That Should Replace the Machesney Park Rue21 Location

These are just a few of my favorites. Give me some time and I'm sure I could come up with hundreds more haha!

Charlotte Russe

When I tell you... the amount of times this store has saved the day for me is insane. If you need a simple outfit, a going-out outfit or even filler pieces for a costume, this place has it all. I love going here! It's so affordable and cute, which is hard to come by. Also, if you're a girly like me who loves grunge, you can find some good pieced here. I'd love for them to have another location in the area.

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I'm OBSESSED with this store. It's so much fun and has so much personality. I begged for it to make its way to Cherry Vale and not I'm gonna beg for it to come here too. It's a store that you can just have a good time walking through. Again, this is another spot for the grunge girlies!

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Word got around to me that there used to be a LOFT in the area, so I figured I'd use this opportunity to request it to come back. I could use some more professional outfits in my life, and their social media is tempting me haha!

Like I said, if you gave me enough time I could come up with hundreds of options. I'm still sad to see Rue21 go, but I'm hopeful something cool will take its place. Nothing quite beats weekends filled with lunch and going out shopping with friends.

What are some stores you'd love to see come to the area? I'd love to know! In the meantime, here's more mall and shopping content!

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