Some sad news has come to shoppers in Rockford recently. A beloved clothing franchise has filed for bankruptcy and is closing locations in Cherry Vale Mall and Machesney Park.

This store holds a big place in my heart. I'm super little, so this place was one of the only locations where I could find jeans that actually fit me. It's going to be painful for me to watch the store part ways with the mall.

Rue21 Closing Its Cherry Vale and Machesney Park Locations

You heard that right, the franchise has filed for bankruptcy and is closing several locations throughout the country. While they're closing multiple locations in Illinois and Wisconsin, Rockford too will be saying goodbye to both locations where it was.

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Both the Cherry Vale Mall and Machesney Park locations are due to close their doors soon, according to News Center Maine. Reports say that Rue21 made the efforts to sell its business, but no bids could match as much as closing its doors permanently.

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There has been no word on the official last day for the Cherry Vale and Machesney Park locations, but I for one will be counting down in sadness. I grew up with this store store and still go there often. I'm crushed at the thought of it going and not being a thing anymore. Change happens, but some things about childhood (like this store) are hard to let go of.

Going to cross my fingers that some miracle happens, because I don't want this fun store to be another thing of the past.

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