We use the "pro" term loosely. But technically he will be paid to play baseball in the Chicago area and hopes to make it back to the major league level. 

The Chicago Dogs are an Independent Minor League team in Rosemont.

Carlos broke the news the other day at the Cubs-Marlins game in Miami when he showed reporters his email from the club welcoming him to the 2019 team.

Why now? Apparently, he's on a mission from God.

SunTimes It started a few years ago at a Christian youth conference in his native Venezuela.

‘‘I went to that conference, and something happened to me and changed my life,’’ he said. ‘‘I had an encounter with God. I used to believe in God. And now I’m committed.’’

Then in the span of a few months in 2017 and into last year, he said four pastors from four churches in different parts of the world told him independently: ‘‘God wants you to go back to baseball.’’

By the time the third one said it, he wept.

‘‘It’s hard for me to cry, but a tear came down,’’ he said.

First of all, I'm here for this. Carlos Zambrano is one of my all-time favorite Cubs. Was he crazy? Absolutely. Did he fight teammates? Yep. Were you ever concerned that Carlos wasn't giving 100%? Never.

I really hope that his new found "religion" doesn't supercede the "crazy" Carlos that we've all grown to love.

Because I need my Carlos Zambrano to either be losing his mind

Or crushing home runs

Or throwing no-hitters as the home team in your rival's park

I miss the psychopath and want him back in the majors.

If Bartolo Colon can pitch till 45 I see no reason why Zambrano can't pitch into his early 50s.

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