Do you think the latest hue of American swimmer Ryan Lochte's hair is an actual result of swimming in the water, or was it done intentionally to poke fun at the water conditions in and out of the pools in Rio?


Water problems seem to be plaguing the Rio Summer Olympic games. First it was the toxic drinking water conditions, then it was the Olympic diving pool turning bright green, and then the water polo pool did the exact same thing a day later.

So far, the swimming pool has remained clear, or has it? We're not sure after seeing Ryan Lochte's hair.


Lochte started the Rio games with a silvery, platinum 'do, and has been known to sport many different looks over the years, so many people are wondering if this new greenish hue is just another one of the many Ryan Lochte looks.



As a blonde, I spent many summers with greenish hair thanks to swimming in chlorinated pools all the time. Perhaps that is actually what Lochte's hair is suffering from too? What do you think?

Either way, the man is an incredible athlete, and oh, so darn good looking no matter what color his hair is. I vote for a red, white and blue 'do next time.