Your belly will be filled with goodness from the longest egg roll in Illinois.

Asian Cuisine Is In Regular Rotation

For as long as I can remember, I have been a big fan of Asian Cuisine. It has always been in regular rotation with my family. It started with my parents. My dad actually took an Asian Cuisine cooking class and would make it all the time. Now, my own family enjoys it too. Of course, no matter what we have egg rolls are always included.


Egg Rolls Are The Best

Our meal would not be complete without an order of egg rolls. They are the perfect appetizer. What I really like about egg rolls is that I believe no two are alike. They are all unique. Even if they are made by the same chef in the same restaurant.


So Many Different Types And Styles Of Egg Rolls

I am not sure why but for a long time, I thought every egg roll was basically the same. Recently, I was happy to find out that there are many different styles and types. There is a place in Chicago that takes it to the next level.


Ultimate Egg Roll Menu

"The "Egg Roll Lady" makes 75 different kinds of egg rolls at her new Humboldt Park carry-out restaurant in Chicago."

"One dream that came to fruition is her "everything egg roll" and her specialty foot-long, which she proudly proclaims is "12 inches of deliciousness" that "you won't find in Chinatown!"


Photo From abc7chicago YouTube Channel

"You can even personalize your egg roll, building it with your own favorite ingredients."

These egg rolls look amazing. I think it is time for a food road trip.

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