No matter what your family background is, whether you're a single mom working three jobs and going to school or you're married and both you and your spouse are in the workforce, the diaper dilemma is real. How many times have you had to decide what to spend your money on this month- diapers, food or the electric bill? Or how many times did you have to stretch out the times between diaper changes because you didn't get paid for 12 more days; only to have your little one end up with a rash?  It's a struggle American families know all too well, including one mom from Illinois.

Even after dropping out of school and getting a part time job, this mother was unable to provide for her family, so, she wrote to President Obama with a plea for help.

Yesterday, for Mother's Day, President Obama addressed "The Diaper Divide" with a plan to help the 1 in 3 families who struggle to pay for diapers.  NBC Chicago reports that over 740 non-profits have been accepted to the Community Diaper Program, which will provide free diapers to families in need.


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