There will always be a separation between generations when it comes to finding all the answers. Maybe it was using an encyclopedia, maybe you asked Jeeves, or maybe some other archaic means. Kids today though, they're using Google.

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Truthfully, if you are reading this article you probably hit up Google to find the answer you're looking for. I mean, who has time to flip through an encyclopedia. Who even still owns an encyclopedia.

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Despite their age, pretty much all parents will agree there is a concern about the content a child can access in an instant through their phone. This is why so many parents set parental controls on their kids' devices.

You're not invading their privacy by monitoring their phone.

It's true. This is exactly why a mom and dad in Rockford, Illinois monitor their 11-year-old son's phone via Bark.

Bark is a parental control phone monitoring app to help keep kids safer online. Bark monitors social media, text, and email on Android and iOS devices.

Keeping their parental responsibilities in line, they check their son's phone at night just to make sure he's safe as well as not browsing anything he shouldn't.

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Just days before this article was written, the 11-year-old's mom shared his recent Google searches, which are pretty amusing. It's like a sneak peek inside his young brain.

His Google search is as follows:
Best Gaming Rooms
Hex Lights
Food Near Me
What Does Incarcerated Mean
Good Excuses Not To Go To Church
Louis Vuitton Handbags Under $50
Blue Balenciagas
How To Get More Brain Cells

If you're wondering what "Blue Balenciagas" is, it's blue sneakers.

Also, can we all agree on his concern for getting out of going to church and the possible ability to build more brain cells?

His mom said it best,

If he's concerned about how many brain cells he has and ditching Church, he might end up incarcerated real quick.

This is too funny.

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