If you were to ask me if this could apply to my life I would a liar if I said no. Those who know me personally will agree that it's always an adventure with me, whatever that means. In hindsight, the floating trip three days ago is probably a prime example.

Man floating down a canal in a blow up tube

There are things you absolutely need for a good float trip.

You have to be prepared if you want to experience the most leisurely float possible. First, and foremost, you need something to float on - a river tube or kayak. You also need a handpump in case someone's tube loses air, more on that in a bit.

Some other essentials are sunscreen, snacks, beverages (not in glass), eand asily accessible snacks to eat on the go float. You also should have dry bags/boxes for your phone, etc, and other items you don't want to be damaged. Don't forget to bring a water-resistant blue tooth speaker for music. Also, it's not a bad plant to have a first aid kit and some life jackets as well. (You never know.)

Tubing in the Summer
daren woodward

Before you can be the guy in the photo above you need to hear about my most recent trip so you can enjoy the water as much as him.

We've arrived at Espenscheid, which has a great drop-in.

We're unloaded, tubes are filled, coolers are loaded, music is thumpin', and sunscreen has been applied. We begin to get the tubes and coolers to the water, while my kayak not far behind. We are good to go for our trip on the Kishwaukee River.

We're off and read to take off and then something weird starts happening. I noticed my rear was wet which was odd because I didn't get waist-deep in the water. I also know I didn't have any bodily accident. "Hmm, this is weird," I thought. Then I notice the backend of my kayak in almost submerged. It was at that moment I knew something wasn't right.

I floated to the side, unloaded my little cooler, flipped over the karak and there they were, two holes.

Idiot Face
Idiot Face

From the looks of it, dragging it wasn't the best plan. (That's fail #1.) The adventure doesn't end there though. About 20 minutes later our group is off to the side and when we begin to get back to floating someone mentions being careful about sticks above the water. Guess what happens next? MY brother's two-person tube snags a stick, bye bye air.

We move about ahead through the water after getting the important stuff out of the middle of said popped tube and to come up with a plan for me to no longer have to drag a water-filled kayak. We get to a sandbar to try to salvage the now "adventurous" floating trip. Off in the distance someone spots an empty tube box with unused/usable tube patches. Boom, jackpot.

But what about my kayak?

I was sick of dragging the stupid kayak. That's when someone volunteered to walk the rest of the trip (20 mins or so), Q98.5 alumni Rob Brennan. We used his tube to "tow" the kayak the rest of the trip. Truth be told it was actually a great time despite the hiccups.

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