Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger joined the show this week to explain the potential consequences of having no budget in place at the end of the month, when the current fiscal year ends.

Among other things, she told us:

  • New Medicaid provider payments will stop
  • Nonprofits and small employers will be unable to receive expedited payments
  • State employees will start missing paychecks July 15
  • General State Aid payments to schools will not be delivered as scheduled on August 10
  • New payments to state vendors will stop

However, continuing appropriations and other legal provisions will allow her to meet some obligations, including debt, pension, and retiree benefits payments, plus Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Assistance for the Aged, Blind and Disabled, and most local government payments.

Despite the potential problems, she also urged Governor Bruce Rauner not to sign the current budget proposal approved by Democrats, which is out-of-balance by about $4 billion. You can hear our full conversation with the comptroller here: