This Saturday, Tom Warner and I will be discussing at length THE argument amongst basketball fans ... "LeBron or Jordan."

The NBA Finals begin tonight and the "three-match" is bringing NBA front and center much like it was back in Jordan's day. Still, the result - even the Kevin Durant storline - is really the subplot around the larger drama, LeBron's quest to supplant Jordan as the greatest player in NBA history.

Think I'm making this up? I Googled "LeBron vs. Jordan" and here's a sampling:

"LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan won't be decided by you,"

"7 definitive ways to decide LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan for good,"

"How to properly argue Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James moving forward,"

"Jordan VS Lebron - Who is actually better!!!"

"The LeBron vs. Jordan debate never gets old,"

It'll be more than Tom and myself in the debate. We're hoping to have a current professional, Eric Palm, and a former pro, Aminata Yanni, in Saturday to weigh in as well.

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